Western Extraction is a Licensed Producer located in British Columbia.  They support micro growers who may not have the resources to commercialize their products and facilitate getting their products to market.  With a focus on craft flower and pre-roll, Western Extraction is delivering high quality BC bud to the Canadian market.

Sub Brands

BC is synonymous with expertly grown cannabis. This reputation was built on the risks of a diverse group of legacy farmers that cultivated a rotation of strains known as the BC legends. This culture and those cultivars are what our brand, BC Legacy, celebrates. Our flower is sourced from a diverse group of micro cultivators with a priority going to those that risked their freedoms and have transitioned into Canada’s legal cannabis marketplace.



Thunder Spirit is the Uchucklesaht tribe’s first venture into the cannabis industry. Coming all the way from the West Coast of Vancouver Island, the tribe’s deep and fundamental relationship with nature was something they wanted to celebrate and to integrate into the Thunder Spirit brand.
Existing in harmony with the rise and fall of the sun, the circadian rhythm gave structure to the tribe’s daily activities and rituals, helping shape how they lived their lives. This relationship to the four different times of day, served as the tribe’s inspiration for their novel terpene-based classification system.

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