Leaders in cannabinoid extraction, purification and formulation, Motif Labs leverages their unique process to offer toll processing, formulations, wholesale, white labeling and brand fulfilment.

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We’re out here livin’ la vida toka and want to pass on the vibes. We give a huge hoot about taking hoots and having a hoot. This is our way of saying we care a lot about weed and having fun. If this hits home for you, then come on out to the Boondocks where the grass is greener and the good times roll.

BOXHOT is made by people who love cannabis and love our products. We craft products that deliver some of the purest cannabis distillate available on the market, and an entourage of expertly infused premium strain-specific terpenes. We aren’t the big corporate weed. We are a small dedicated team that are passionate about the products that we bring to market. And we won’t stop innovating – so keep your eyes out for more good sh*t.

DEBUNK is an augmented smoking experience that takes all of what you love about weed and enhances it through optimized formulations using the latest in today’s cannabis technology. We create innovative products that focus on flavour, effect, and transparency, bringing you the best of all worlds. Cut out the excess without sacrificing quality.

Floresense was founded on the premise of bringing elevated products to consumers in an approachable and elegant way. Their collection of curated flower extracts from distinctive cultivars provides an experience that highlights the natural features of the cannabis plant.


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