Dedicated to cannabis, Maricann Inc. is one of Canada’s oldest licensed producers. Founded in 2013 and since April, 2020 a family-owned and operated company, we are a vertically integrated cannabis cultivator and producer and a proud Norfolk County community member.  Fuelled by passion, curiosity, and more than a decade of international experience to bring you some of Canada’s finest grown bud, our Master Growers care for our plants like the dank masterpieces they are – in small batches, with artistry and finesse.

Sub Brands

Dan’s Balance honours our Master Grower, Dan.  Dan’s passion for microbiology, combined with his determination to cultivate the most unique and pungent strains on the market are a result of bud-tending and breeding in some of the most prominent weed cultures around the globe.  Dan’s Balance provides consumers with balanced strains in a variety of formats including flower and pre-roll.

Jenn’s OG is a line of high-THC, heavy-hitting cannabis strains from Maricann. According to the myth, Master Grower, Jenn, is a spirit who embodies the essence of the cannabis plant. She is said to be a guardian of the sacred herb, and her presence is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to those who honor her.  With a wide range of options, Jenn’s OG is the perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a strong and reliable high, and for those who appreciate the spiritual significance of the plant.


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