Cannabista estime que la technologie et l’innovation sont les forces motrices qui font avancer l’industrie. Leur système exclusif de séchage Fresh Frozen appelé Lyocan™ permet à la fleur de conserver sa taille de bourgeon et sa couleur d'origine sans affecter les trichomes ou les terpènes et sans réduire les organismes microbiens. Toutes les bonnes choses et aucune des mauvaises.


Lyoclean™ flower targets the consumer who wants an optimal experience from a product that is well preserved in every way.  Dried by sublimation process, this flower is free of any microbes that could develop during drying.

For consumers who are looking for a discreet and enjoyable way to consume cannabis.  LyoSnacks uses proprietary drying technology to take your favourite snacks (like apple slices) and turn them into cannabis infused edibles that retain their dietary properties.

Hologram™ is a brand built around providing rotating strains to the market.  The aim is to provide high-quality, traditional genetics to nostalgic consumers at an accessible price.


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